Education is a vital part of the mission of the Vermont Department of Liquor Control.  The Education section helps bring training and seminars to consumers, businessmen, teenagers, parents, bartenders, store owners, and anyone else who needs to know about how to make sure alcohol is only used in safe and legal ways.

ONLINE TRAINING: This training is good for all owners, managers, and employees of businesses that sell or serve alcohol and/or tobacco. We now offer online training for stores (2nd class licensees), tobacco only businesses, bars/restaurants/clubs/hotels (1st class licensees), manufacturers, and art gallery/bookstore permit holders.

New in this section:

Please choose from the menu to the left for the following subjects:

  • Training: Seminars and other opportunities to learn

  • Publications: Informational and educational documents for your use

  • Identification: All about liquor IDs, driver licenses, and other valid forms of identification

  • Law: A complete copy of all Vermont statutes related to alcohol, tobacco, and the Department

  • Downloads: Lists of licensees and other files you can download.

  • Contact Info: Email, phone, address, and directions for Education.

All are equal in alcohol content:

12oz. of beer = 5oz. of wine = 1Żoz. of 80░ liquor

Drink Responsibly


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