The following words as used in these regulations, unless a contrary meaning is required by the context, shall have the following meaning:

Board: The Liquor Control Board.

Commissioners: The Local Control Commissioners.

Commissioner: Executive Officer of the Board.

Alcoholic Liquor: All malt and vinous beverages and spirituous liquors as defined by law.

Restaurant: For purposes of granting licenses of the first class or first and third class, means a place located in a suitable building adequately equipped, and having a sufficient number of employees, to serve meals regularly in a public dining room provided for that purpose. Regular meals for the purpose of this regulation shall mean the usual assortment of food commonly ordered at various hours of the day.

Dance Hall: A room, hall, eating place, building, structure or place shall be deemed a dance hall for the purposes of these regulations at all times and occasions when dancing, for which admission is charged and which is open to the general public, is conducted or permitted therein. A dining room in which regular meals are served and in which occasional dancing occurs for which no charge is made shall not be deemed a dance hall. A cover or minimum charge, imposed or collected during hours when meals are served and live entertainment consisting of one or more performers is presented, shall not be construed as the charging of admission.

Person: Individuals and partnerships composed solely of individuals, corporations organized under the Laws of any of the United States or corporations subject to the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission or the Public Service Commission.


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