How To Obtain A Liquor License


1st CLASS (Beer and Wine)On-Premise
    (Fee for any first class license paid to town/city $100.00/fee to DLC $100.00)
2nd CLASS (Beer and Wine)Off-Premise
    (Fee for any second class license paid to town/city $50.00/fee to DLC $50.00)
3rd CLASS (Spirituous Liquor)On-Premise
    (Fee $880.00 for full year, or $440.00 for 6 months, paid to department)

Other licenses include manufacturers, bottlers, wholesale dealer, caterers, certificate of approval for malt and vinous beverages, solicitor's permits, etc., and are issued directly by the department.  Applications are available upon request; some are available on our web site at

Application for 1st and 2nd class license is done through the town/city clerk's office in the town/city where the premise is located.  It is completed in duplicate, and all information must be included, as well as motor vehicle and criminal records.

After approval by the selectman (control commissioners) applications are forwarded to us and we mail a copy to the area investigator.  He/she will visit the premise for inspection and investigation.  He/she will also give you a seminar prior to the license being granted.  It takes approximately 10 to 14 days after we receive the approved license from town/city before issuance by the Liquor Control Board.  NO LICENSE WILL BE ISSUED PRIOR TO A COMPLETE INVESTIGATION.  A 3rd class license is applied for directly through this department and may be issued after issuance of the 1st class license.


One who is an U.S. citizen and resident of the state.

Composed of individuals (including husband/wife entity), a majority of who are both U.S. citizens and residents of the state.

Organized under the laws of this state, whereof a majority of the directors are both U.S. citizens and residents of the state.

A designated Board of Directors is required.

One or more persons may organize a limited liability company, consisting of one or more members, where as a majority of the members are both U.S. citizens and residents of the state, by delivering articles of organization to the office of the secretary of state for filing.

A partnership that has filed a statement of qualification under §3291 of Title 11 and does not have a similar statement in effect in any other jurisdiction.

Note: A person may live in one town but can apply for a license in another town, provided he/she owns improved real estate or personal property (other than stock of goods for sale) in the town/city where the license is to be issued and on which he/she pays taxes, appraised by the listers, at not less than $2,500 on real estate or $5,000 on personal property.


These are some agencies you will be in contact with during the licensing process:

Department of Taxes(802) 828-2559
    Sales and use, rooms and meals. Any license application for any 1st Class License needs to have a valid Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax Identification number in order for the license to be issued.
Department of Health(800) 439 8550
    Health number. Any license application for any 1st Class License must have had a Health Inspection and currently hold a valid health license number in order for the license to be issued.
Department of Labor & Industry(802) 828-2286
    Fire Safety
    Federal alcohol license and/or Special Occupational Tax
Secretary Of State(802) 828-2386
    Trade name and/or corporation registration. Any license application for any 1st Class license must have filed their Corporate and Trade Name information with the Secretary of State's Office in order for the license to be issued.


Flowchart of the license process


All licenses expire on the last day of April of each year.  If it's a renewal, once we have assured that all information is correct, the town clerk will approve and send to us and we will automatically renew the license, provided the application is made by the same person(s) as previously licensed.  Any change in ownership or directorship must be investigated before issuance.  Please be sure to check all information and answer every question, and be sure you have signed every section where required.  After issuance, the license will be returned to the town/city for their signature and then can be picked up.

You are required by law to complete a Liquor Control Enforcement seminar before you are granted a license, and then this requirement must be satisfied every two years thereafter.  You may attend more often if you like, in order to inform and educate new employees, or as a refresher.

Remember -- If you violate a law or regulation and are cited to appear before the Liquor Control Board, your license can be suspended or revoked.  If you receive a letter of warning regarding an impropriety in your method of operation, your case history card will reflect this and it will be a matter of record, taken into consideration when your license is considered for renewal.

A liquor license is a privilege -- not a right -- and it is a great responsibility, whether you are selling alcohol over the counter to be taken off-premise, or selling alcohol to a person for consumption on-premise.  Once you are issued a license, the responsibility is yours and your employees.  Should you or any employee have any questions, please call your local investigator and ask for information and/or assistance.  Their names and numbers are listed on this site.  If you are not sure whom to call, your town/city clerk can help you, or you may call this office at 1-800-832-2339.


The Liquor Control Investigators can assist you in licensing a new premise or by providing an orderly and uninterrupted transition of business from an operating establishment to a new applicant.  See the Contacts page for contact information for your local investigator.


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