Alley Cats licenses suspended

On June 29, 2005 the Liquor Control Board issued an emergency liquor license suspension for a Burlington City bar.  The Liquor Control Board is empowered to issue such summary suspensions when it is determined that the public health, safety, and welfare is in jeopardy if the licensees are allowed to continue to operate.  In the order, the Liquor Control Board immediately suspended the First and Third Class Liquor License issued to 41 King Street, Incorporated doing business as Alley Cats located at 41 King Street in Burlington, Vermont.

The Board order served upon the owner of Alley Cats bar, Allen Ward, by Liquor Control Investigators, listed numerous sales of both cocaine and crack cocaine to undercover operatives.  Affidavits filed with the Department of Liquor Control recorded these sales as well as solicitations to purchase other regulated substances such as Vicodin and heroin.  Customers and employees of the establishment were responsible for all of the sales.

Yesterday's suspension is the culmination of an in-depth detailed and cooperative investigation into the blatant drug activity by officers from the Burlington, South Burlington, and Winooski Police Departments.  The investigation continues and several more arrests are expected.

A hearing is scheduled before the Liquor Control board on Thursday July 7th at 2:00 in the afternoon where the licensee will face administrative charges of unlawful conduct being permitted or suffered upon a licensed premise.  The hearing will be held at the offices of the Vermont Department of Liquor Control in Montpelier.

Any questions or inquiries surrounding this Liquor Control Board action can be directed to William J. Goggins, Director of the Licensing & Enforcement Divisions at (802) 828-2339.


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