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Name: Sarah Allerton

Position: Childrenís Librarian

Area of expertise: Childrenís collection development and youth room programming, including storyhours

About me: I host two story hours each week (Monday and Thursday mornings) and love to meet new families that want to share the love of books with their little readers. I recently hosted a program in conjunction with the State of Vermont to help parents and child care providers incorporate reading and books into their daily schedule. When not at the Library, I substitute teach at the St. Albans Town Educational Center. I enjoy family activities with my husband and two teenagers, and like to hike, camp and canoe.


Name: Wanda Baillargeon

Position: Adult Services Associate

Area of expertise: Senior outreach, circulation desk and large print collection development

About me: I started a writers group at the Library (check times on the Library calendar) that meets once a month to share our stories and exchange writing tips. I enjoy delivering books to shut-ins and like to help keep them connected to the Library. When not working, I enjoy time with my family, going camping and of course reading.


Name: Angela Bernard

Position: Adult Services Assistant

Area of expertise: Circulation desk, book repair, Libraryís Facebook page and e-newsletter

About me: About once a month I highlight a theme or genre from our Library collection and display it on the shelves by the DVDs. This is a lot of fun and has allowed me to get to know the Library collection very well. But my favorite part of the job has been the design and fruition of the e-newsletter and Library Facebook page. I am currently in graduate school and any spare time I have after working or doing school work is spent hanging out with my two daughters, reading, running, and trying new things - such as golf and skiing.


Name: Bridget Huguenin

Position: Youth Room Assistant and Adult Services Assistant

Area of expertise: Shelving, book covering, circulation desk, Library calendar

About me: I love recommending books to people and after the shelving (and supervising the shelving) of most of our collection, I feel I know our collection very well. The Youth Room also keeps me busy and it is always fun to be a part of all the Youth Room events. When not working at the Library, I love riding my motorcycle and checking out the Vermont countryside.


Name: Steve LaRosa

Position: Adult Services Assistant

Area of expertise: Circulation desk, book covering, adult programming

About me: Soon after I started working at the Library I began a Classic Movie Night (held the second Thursday evening of each month).  This was the result of wanting to offer more programs at the Library, combined with my love of older films. If you canít make it to the film showing, we do add the movie to our collection and itís available for loan. Outside the Library, I enjoy baking (and eating), running, walking and golf.


Name: MaryPat Larrabee

Position: Library Director

Area of expertise: Budget, staffing, adult collection development and adult programming

About me: I enjoy ordering books for the Library and love it when someone stops me to rave about a book they just read and it was one I had chosen for the collection. I take great pride in both the physical attributes of our Library, as well as all the resources that make it an essential part of our community. I feel very fortunate to work with a great staff and appreciate the support we receive from our patrons. Outside the library, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and Iím always trying to improve on my interests of cooking, gardening, and running.


Name: Becky Manahan

Position: Assistant Library Director and Young Adult Librarian

Area of Expertise: Juvenile and teen collection development, youth room programming, and overdue collections

About me: After our expansion in 2001, I had a renewed zest for our beloved library and wanted to share this with the library community. This took the shape of our first annual Holiday Open House. It's now an annual event that the staff looks forward to hosting, and the community has come to appreciate. We have other family events throughout the year, including our annual Halloween extravaganza, and they are my favorite events because I get to see families mingling with other families, developing new friendships, and overall creating a welcoming sense of community. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, running, and playing tennis.


Name: Anne Martin

Position: Adult Services Associate

Area of expertise: periodicals, adult collection development and circulation desk

About me: I love working with our patrons and helping them find a good book to read. I love a good story and finding new authors for our fiction collection. When traveling, Iíve been known to stop in a bookstore and pick up a missing title for our collection. When not working at the Library, I love to be outdoors and enjoy, skiing, biking, golf, hiking, and of course, reading.


Name: Rachel Murray

Position: Adult Services Associate

Area of expertise: Circulation desk, library supplies, adult a/v collection development

About me: I volunteered at the Library for 10 years helping with the Libraryís book sale and have always loved books and reading. I oversee a collection of ďBooks you may have missedĒ on a book shelf in the stacks and find it fun to introduce patrons to gems that might get missed.  I love crafting of any type, especially photography, jewelry-making and mixed media art. You can check out my prints hanging in the Library stacks.


Name: Cathy Read

Position: Adult Services Associate

Area of expertise: Overdues

About me: If you have never received a Library phone call from me then that means you are never late with your library materials.  I try to call and give friendly reminders to those of you who may have lost track of time. When Iím not at the Library, I enjoy cooking, reading, working out, watching tennis & golf, and being creative.


Name: Roberta Schmidlen

Position: Adult Services Librarian

Area of expertise: Inter-library loans, adult collection development

About me:  When someone cannot find a book in our collection they often look to me to borrow it from another Library. Sometimes itís a patron trying to get through a series or someone is doing research on a particular topic. I love playing detective and searching for that sought after item. I love spending time with my family and cooking, reading and long walks.


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