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Subject: RE: BED Comments on PSB 9-28-06 FCM Memorandum

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As someone who testified in the original LICAP case and who spoke this past Monday on whether the FCM will ultimately work at a conference on NE Energy Markets, may I respectfully suggest that already counting the resulting revenues that will accrue to Vermont from bidding DSM into the FCM may be a bit premature.  I am sure many of you will disagree with my conclusions, but that never stopped me before.
Attached is a copy of my paper.
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Subject: BED Comments on PSB 9-28-06 FCM Memorandum

Please find attached BED's comments in response to the Board's 9-28-06 memorandum seeking input as to whether VEIC should be contracted as agent for Efficiency Vermont to access the ISO-NE FCM, and how the resulting revenues should be utilized.
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