EEU Participation in ISO-NE Forward Capacity Market

In an attempt to address concerns regarding regional electric capacity, ISO-New England ("ISO-NE"), with approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is currently developing a Forward Capacity Market that allows demand resources, such as energy efficiency, to be bid into the market on a comparable basis with supply resources such as generation. Since the commitment period for Forward Capacity Market resources will not begin until June, 2010, ISO-NE has developed rules for a Transition Period, starting in December, 2006, and extending through May 31, 2010. During this Transition Period, available capacity in New England, including demand resources such as energy efficiency, is eligible to receive capacity payments at a fixed price per kW established by the Transition Period rules. In the Transition Period, savings claims can be made for energy efficiency savings that have been obtained since June, 2006.  This page tracks issues associated with the Energy Efficiency Utility's ("EEU") participation in the Forward Capacity Market.

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