Oversight Activities Regarding the Energy Efficiency Utility

Vermont law gives the Public Service Board ("Board") responsibility for overseeing the Energy Efficiency Utility ("EEU") program.  The EEU program includes both Efficiency Vermont, which delivers electric energy efficiency services throughout most of the state, and the City of Burlington Electric Department ("BED") which delivers EEU services in its service territory.  The Board has arranged for several independent entities to conduct a variety of oversight activities related to the EEU.  While some of the oversight activities are conducted for both Efficiency Vermont and BED, many are only conducted for Efficiency Vermont.  This is because BED remains responsible for its actions as a regulated electric utility, and the Board uses the same oversight mechanisms for BED's delivery of EEU services that it does for its delivery of electric services. 

This webpage summarizes the EEU oversight activities and includes links to recent reports resulting from those activities (this webpage only includes links to reports from the past 12 months, or the most recent report for those reports produced less frequently than once a year; contact the Clerk of the Board at psb.clerk@state.vt.us to receive copies of older reports).  Each report resulting from an oversight activity is reviewed by other entities; this webpage does not describe those reviewing responsibilities.

Table of Contents

Reports Produced by Efficiency Vermont -- These reports are used by the Board and other entities to keep track of the progress VEIC (the entity with which the Board has contracted to serve as Efficiency Vermont) is making towards its contractual goals.  The data included in these reports is the starting point for some of the independent oversight activities.

Reports Produced by BED -- These reports are used by the Board and other entities to keep track of the progress BED is making towards its energy savings goals.  The data included in these reports is the starting point for some of the independent oversight activities.

Financial Reports

Audit of EEU Program's Cost-Effectiveness -- Vermont law requires the Board to, every three years, arrange for the verification by an independent auditor of the reported energy and capacity savings and cost-effectiveness of the EEU services delivered by both Efficiency Vermont and BED.

Activities of the EEU Contract Administrator -- The EEU Contract Administrator is an independent contractor to the Board who was selected via a competitive bidding solicitation.  The EEU Contract Administrator helps the Board administer its contract with the entity serving as the EEU.

Activities of the Vermont Department of Public Service ("DPS") -- The DPS is a separate state agency that serves as the state's energy office and as the public advocate in proceedings before the Board.  The settlement agreement approved by the Board that created the EEU provided that the DPS would conduct the independent evaluation of the EEU programs required by Vermont law.  The DPS approves a three-year plan for its evaluation activities which is submitted to the Board for review and approval prior to its implementation.  These activities are partially funded by Energy Efficiency Charge collections.

Activities of the EEU Advisory Committee -- The EEU Advisory Committee was created by the same settlement agreement that created the EEU.  It consists of representatives of key stakeholders who are appointed by the Board, and it serves as a two-way channel of communication between the EEU and various stakeholder groups.  The EEU Advisory Committee meets quarterly.  It does not produce any reports, other than minutes of its meetings.  Membership list

Activities of the Board -- In addition to reviewing reports produced by other entities, the Board is directly involved with certain oversight activities.

Legislative Activities

Most of the reports listed above are distributed electronically.  Any person wishing to be added to the distribution list for a particular report should contact the Clerk of the Board at psb.clerk@state.vt.us or 802-828-2358.

The Board welcomes comments from members of the public on all these reports.  In a few instances the Board provides a formal opportunity for members of the public to comment (such as when Efficiency Vermont files its annual plan, and when the Board solicits proposals for an entity to serve as Efficiency Vermont).  However, any person wishing to comment on any report may do so at any time by contacting the report author, the EEU Contract Administrator, or the Clerk of the Board.

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