Working Group to Consider Changing Energy Efficiency Utility Model

The Energy Efficiency Utility ("EEU") has been in operation since March, 2000. The current EEU structure was the result of collaborative discussions that led to a comprehensive settlement among many parties, which the Board later approved. This structure has served Vermont well over the last seven years. The EEU's performance has exceeded expectations, and it has been recognized nationally as an innovative government program.

However, over that time the EEU program has matured, and the environment in which the EEU operates has changed. As a result, the Board has identified several aspects of the current EEU program structure that may require modification to address these circumstances.

The Board issued a memorandum on July 12, 2007, convening a Working Group to discuss possible changes to the electric EEU structure.  This page provides information regarding the Working Group's activities.

Schedule for Working Group Meetings and Filings

Board Orders and Memos

Background Information and Participants' Filings

Working Group Service List

Instructions for Filing Comments -- Participants should file one paper copy of their comments with the Clerk of the Board and e-mail their comments to the Working Group Service List.

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