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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 1:36 PM
To: Bentley, Bruce; Blair Hamilton; Dave Grimason; Munir Kasti; Tom Buckley; Jones, Kim (Eng); John Plunkett Email Only; Cecchini, Terry; Couture, Ken; Silver, Morris; Bishop, Ann; Welch, Carole; McNamara, Ed; Becker, John; Ide, Robert; Michael Wickenden; David Cawley; Jim Massie; Harry Abendroth
Subject: RE: EEU Targeting Order

Attachments: Geo Targeting GMP (2-20-2007)R0.xls


1)  Attached is an excel file that shows information on GMP's targeted area in the

"template format" defined at the February 7 meeting.  The second workbook within

that file shows more detail and delineated by circuit.


2)  The data that GMP provided through it's GIS system appears flawed based on the "Comparison of Target to non-Target accounts by Town" report provided by EVT.  GMP believes that for targeting by towns the following percentages should be used for

each town:




Essex Junction......100% listed on EVT report

South listed on EVT report

Williston...........  0% (these customers will be moved to new sub)



3)  GMP's GIS information is of no use in identifying targeted areas and customer






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