Power Contract Workshop

In recent months, the Public Service Board ("Board") has reviewed a proposed wind generation facility under 30 V.S.A. 248 and a proposed power purchase agreement with a hydroelectric facility under Board Rule 5.200.  In both situations Vermont electric distribution utilities intended to enter power purchase agreements with renewable-generation sources with price terms that were based upon a discount off regional electricity market prices.

The Board is concerned that such market-indexed power contracts, if they become prevalent in the future, might be inconsistent with state policy.  Title 30, Section 8001(a)(3) of the Vermont Statutes Annotated states:

"The general assembly finds it in the interest of the people of the state to promote the state energy policy established in section 202a of this title by: . . . (3) Providing an incentive for the state's retail electricity providers to enter into affordable, long-term, stably priced renewable energy contracts that mitigate market price fluctuations for Vermonters."

On November 7, 2007, the Board held a workshop to explore the issue of stably priced contracts.  This page provides information regarding this workshop and follow-up activities.

Schedule for Workshops and Filings

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Power Contract Email Service List

Instructions for Filing Comments -- Participants should file one paper copy of their comments with the Clerk of the Board and e-mail their comments to the Power Contract Email Service List.

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