Vermont System Planning Committee

The Vermont System Planning Committee ("VSPC") is an entity, formed in 2007, that plays a key role in a planning process for Vermont's electric transmission system.  This planning process is designed to facilitate the full, fair and timely consideration of cost-effective non-transmission alternatives to new transmission projects.  The process involves better coordination among Vermont’s utilities, transparency to the public about planning activities, and structured mechanisms for public involvement.

The members of the VSPC include representatives of each Vermont electric distribution and transmission utility, and three public members, each of whom represents the interests of one of the following groups:  residential consumers; commercial and industrial consumers; and environmental protection.  In addition there are three non-voting members of the VSPC, one each representing Vermont's Energy Efficiency Utility, the Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development Facilitator, and the Vermont Department of Public Service.

The VSPC meets at least quarterly.  Information about the Committee’s work is available on the VSPC website.

VSPC Public Members

The Board has appointed three public members and one alternate to the committee. It is still seeking applications for alternates to represent the interests of residential consumers and business/industrial consumers. Nominations and letters of interest should be sent to Business Manager, Vermont Public Service Board, Chittenden Bank Building, 4th Floor, 112 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2701.

Background Information

The VSPC was created by a settlement agreement approved by the Public Service Board in a June 20, 2007, Order in its investigation of least-cost integrated resource planning for Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc.'s transmission system (Docket 7081).  Both the Board's Order and the settlement agreement contain additional information about the new transmission planning process and the VSPC's role and responsibilities. 

Other materials from Docket 7081 may be useful in understanding issues associated with transmission planning generally.  In particular, the Board held three educational workshops in that docket.  The presentations from those workshops are posted on the Board's web page dedicated to Docket 7081.  Also posted on the same web page is testimony filed both in support of and in opposition to the settlement agreement.

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