Docket 7250 Information Page
Deerfield Wind Project in Searsburg and Readsboro

On January 8, 2007, Deerfield Wind, LLC, filed a petition with the Public Service Board for approval to construct a wind generation facility in Searsburg and Readsboro, Vermont. The company must obtain a "Certificate of Public Good" from the Public Service Board for the project in order to go forward. The case in which the Board will consider Deerfield's application is Docket 7250.

These web pages will provide information about Docket 7250 to allow participants and members of the public to stay informed about the progress of the case.

Docket 7250 Caption

Petition of Deerfield Wind, LLC, for a certificate of public good authorizing it to construct and operate up to a 45 MW wind generation facility, and associated transmission and interconnection facilities, comprised of between 15 and 24 wind turbines on approximately 80 acres in the Green Mountain National Forest, located in Searsburg and Readsboro, Vermont, with turbines to be placed both on the east side of Route 8 on the same ridgeline as the existing GMP Searsburg wind facility (Eastern Project Area), and along the ridgeline to the west of Route 8 in a northwesterly orientation (Western Project Area)

Public participation

The Board publishes a "Citizens Guide to Vermont's Section 248 Process." The guide was created to assist the public in understanding and participating in cases, such as Docket 7250, that involve applications for  248 Certificates of Public Good.


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