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Investigation into Energy Efficiency Utility Structure

Vermont's Energy Efficiency Utility ("EEU") program is currently operated under a short-term contract. Most EEU services are provided by Efficiency Vermont. The Public Service Board ("Board") selects the Efficiency Vermont provider via a competitive solicitation, and signs a three-year contract with the winning bidder. The Board also conducts competitive solicitations to hire an EEU Contract Administrator and a Fiscal Agent for the Energy Efficiency Utility Fund; contracts with these entities are also for three years. The Vermont Department of Public Service ("DPS") conducts savings-verification and evaluation activities related to the EEU, also on a three-year cycle.

On August 28, 2008, the DPS filed a petition requesting that the Board open an investigation for the purpose of considering a change in the structure of the EEU. Accompanying the DPS's petition was a document entitled "A Draft of a Recommendation for a New Energy Efficiency Utility Structure," which describes an "Order of Appointment Model."  The Draft Recommendation was developed by a Working Group that was convened by the Board and was open to all interested persons.  The Working Group held extensive discussions over 11 months, but did not reach consensus on all items included in the Draft Recommendation.  The DPS recommended that the Draft Recommendation serve as the starting point for this investigation, and identified several issues on which the Working Group did not reach consensus.

On September 11, 2008, the Board opened an investigation into the EEU structure and determined that the Draft Recommendation will be the starting point for the investigation. 

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Investigation into Petition Filed by Vermont Department of Public Service Re: Energy Efficiency Utility Structure

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