Electricity Affordability Program Development

Act 208 of the 2006 General Assembly (the relevant Section is 10a) of the 2006 General Assembly requires the Public Service Board to "design a proposed electric affordability program in the form of draft legislation." The program is to be developed with the aid of an "electric affordability program collaborative" composed of representatives of various stakeholder groups specified in the legislation. This page tracks the Board process for developing the draft legislation.

Electric Affordability Program: Report and Draft Legislation prepared pursuant to Act 208 of the 2006 Vermont General Assembly by the Vermont Public Service Board, January 2007.

Board Memoranda

Participant list

Workshop attendance

Comments in response to the June 12, 2006, Board memo received on Monday, July 10, 2006:


Background materials for August 8 workshop:

Background materials for August 25 workshop:

 Background materials for September 15 workshop:

Background materials for September 28 workshop:

Additional background materials:

Legislative proposals

Comments on legislative proposals

Public Service Board Comment Draft of Electric Affordability Report and Draft Bill (PDF version) (1/18/07)
       NOTE: Comments are due to the Board by the close of business January 25, 2007
       Download WordPerfect version of comment draft

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