A Vermont Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard:

Draft Legislation and Report

By the Vermont Public Service Board

January 2004

Volume One

Text of the Report WordPerfect 10      Adobe Acrobat

Chart of Existing "Statutory" Renewables Web Graphic      Adobe Acrobat

Notes from Workshop #1 Microsoft Word     Adobe Acrobat

Volume II: Studies and Comments Cited in Volume I

"The Benefits of an RPS" (Dan Reicher) Appendix A

"Potential Benefits of an RPS in Vermont" (Mark Bolinger) Appendix B

Employment Impacts of Renewable Energy Investments (Swanson) Appendix C

"Cleaner Air, Fuel Diversity and High-Quality Jobs" (Synapse) Appendix D

Letter from Burlington Electric Department 12/8/03 Appendix E

Letter from Vermont Electric Cooperative 12/5/03 Appendix F

"Potential Cost Impacts of a Vermont RPS" Synapse Study Appendix G

Letter from Vermont Department of Public Service 9/22/03 Appendix H

Letter from Catherine Sargent and Katie Anderson 9/16/03 Appendix I

Letter from Jodie Fried 11/17/03 Appendix J

Letter from IBM 12/8/03 Appendix K

Letter from Green Mountain Power 12/4/03 Appendix L

Letter from Central Vermont Public Service 12/5/03 Appendix M

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