Implementation of Act 61

Board's August 1, 2005, Memorandum Re Procedural Issues

Parties' Procedural Comments:

Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
City of Burlington Electric Department
Conservation Law Foundation
Green Mountain Power Corporation
Vermont Department of Public Service
Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc.
Vermont Public Power Supply Authority

Board's September 2, 2005, Memorandum Re Power Supply and Renewables Components

Board's September 9, 2005, Memorandum Re Implementation of Act 61

Energy Efficiency Issues

1.  Energy Efficiency Utility Budget --- The Board has established the following schedule to consider issues related to the consideration of the Energy Efficiency Utility's budget.
    •    October 27, 2005, workshop presentations:
            SMD and Energy Efficiency
            Avoided Costs
   •    December 1, 2005, workshop presentations:
                    VPIRG/CLF Proposed EEU Budget Level
                    Efficiency Vermont Implementation Scenarios
    •    December 26, 2005 – Efficiency Vermont filed preliminary analysis of three new "bounding" policy scenarios that had been developed by a group of interested parties, and similar analysis of the two scenarios presented by Efficiency Vermont at the December 1, 2005, workshop.
    •    January 6, 2006 – The Board received the following comments regarding additional analysis of policy scenarios. DPS CLF/VPIRG AARP EEU Advisory Committee

As a result of the development of these policy scenarios, the Board made the following decisions:
    1) The Board has asked Efficiency Vermont to perform additional analyses to provide savings estimates necessary to calculate rate impacts for four of the scenarios presented by Efficiency Vermont. 
    2) The Board asks any party who is preparing a rate analysis to consider the rate impacts under a range of avoided costs to provide a better understanding of the sensitivity of the rate impacts to avoided costs.  Parties preparing rate impact analyses should consider the rate impacts if the energy efficiency costs were amortized over time.  Anyone who wants to receive the inputs for rate impact analysis should contact Blair Hamilton at Efficiency Vermont ( as soon as possible, particularly if you would like to discuss what inputs Efficiency Vermont should develop.
    3) The Board will research the legal and practical issues associated with bonding for energy efficiency costs to determine whether it is a realistic funding option.  Any parties that have information regarding the feasibility of bonding for energy efficiency costs are asked to provide that information to the Board.
2.  Mechanism for Seeking Exemption from Paying the Energy Efficiency Charge – At the November 15, 2005, workshop on this issue, the Board agreed to the following schedule.
    •    One conceptual proposal for an EEC exemption mechanism was filed by the December 20, 2005, deadline.  DPS Conceptual Proposal
    •    Two parties filed responses to the DPS conceptual proposal:   UVM   Ben & Jerry's

3.  Possible New Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") Program – At the November 15, 2005, workshop on this issue, the Board agreed to the following schedule:

How to File Comments
Parties should file one paper copy of their comments with the Board and circulate their comments electronically to the Act 61 EEU service list.  Service List - WordPerfect     Service List - MS Word

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