Docket 7109/7160 Information Page
VGS Alternative Regulation Plan & Rate Increase Investigation

Docket 7109 Caption
Petition of Vermont Gas Systems, Inc., for approval of an alternative-regulation plan

Docket 7160 Caption
Tariff filing of Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. requesting a 16.7% rate increase to take effect April 25, 2006, and to be implemented on October, 1, 2006.

   • Proposed Alternative Regulation Plan (Exhibit 1 to the Petition)
   • Proposed rate adjustment formula (Attachment 1 to the Proposed Plan)
   • Proposed gas cost recovery methodology (Attachment 2 to the Proposed Plan)

   • Parties Service List

    Notice of Continued Technical Hearings 

& Memoranda

Prehearing conference memorandum and scheduling order, issued 11/14/05
    Order modifying schedule, isssued 12/14/05  
    Order modifying schedule, issued 1/6/06
    Procedural Order re Protective Agreement, issued 1/20/06
    Order re: schedule modification and motions to intervene, issued 2/27/06
    Prehearing Conference Memorandum and Procedural Order, issued 4/13/06
    Order Re:  Schedule, issued 8/8/06
    Final Order, and Attachment, Approving alternative regulation plan for Vermont Gas Systems, Inc., issued 9/21/06
    Decision Re:  Account Correcting Efficiency and Demand-Side Management, issued 4/4/07

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