Meteorological tower permitting procedure guidelines:


            Individuals interested in constructing meteorological towers as a means of acquiring wind data to determine the feasibility of constructing a commercial wind generation facility in a specific area in Vermont, must apply for a certificate of public good pursuant to 30 V.S.A. 248(j) and Board Rule 5.400. Applicants must prefile testimony with respect to the statutory criteria of 248 and file proposed findings. These types of applications do not typically require a hearing unless the Board determines that the project raises a significant issue with respect to the statutory criteria. Applicants should review the sample Board Order approving a met tower application as an example of the type of testimony required under the statutory criteria. Applicants should also review the notice and filing requirements applicable to projects reviewed under 248(j).

           In order to expedite the review process by the Board it is recommended that the applicant discuss the proposal with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and the Vermont Department of Public Service prior to filing the petition with the Board.

            Finally, applicants should note that the Board may require a site visit in certain cases to determine whether the project raises a significant issue with respect to the 248 criteria. Applicants should bear in mind the difficulties associated with conducting site visits at higher elevation during the winter months and time the filing of the petition accordingly.

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