Non-VPPSA Utilities

Attachment B to Order issued December 5, 2000, in PSB Docket No. 6429

Citizens Utilities Company (Excel)             CUC-EECcalc2000.XLS

Central Vermont Public Service Corp. (Lotus)   cvps-atta-b.wk4

Green Mountain Power Corporation (Lotus)       GMP10-31EEC.123

Village of Johnson Electric Company (Lotus)    Johnson-CEW.123

Rochester Electric Light & Power Company (Excel) ROCH EEC calc-2001.xls

Vermont Electric Cooperative (Excel)             Vemont Electric EEC calc for 2001-Rev.XLS

Vermont Marble Power Division of OMYA (Excel)    VMEECCalculationfnlwg1025002001.xls

Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Excel)    WEC EEC2001.xls

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