VPPSA Utilities

Attachment B of Order issued December 5, 2000, in PSB Docket No. 6429

Village of Barton Electric Company                        BAREEC.xls
Villlage Enosburg Falls Electric Department            ENOEEC.xls
Town of Hardwick Electric Department                 HAREEC.xls
Village of Hyde Park Electric Department              HYDEEC.xls
Village of Jacksonville Electric Department             JACEEC.xls
Village of Ludlow Electric Department                   LUDEEC.xls
Village of Lyndonville Electric Department             LYNEEC.xls
Village of Morrisville Electric Department              MOREEC.xls
Village of Northfield Electric Department               NOREEC.xls
Village of Orleans Electric Department                   ORLEEC.xls
Town of Readsboro Electric Department                REAEEC.xls
Town of Stowe Electric Department                       STOEEC.xls
Village of Swanton Electric Department                  SWAEEC.xls

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