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RPS links:

Board issues Report to Legislature on Renewable Portfolio Standards, January 2004:   Report

RPS DRAFT LEGISLATION -- October 17, 2003:       Adobe Acrobat     WordPerfect

LBNL presentation on RPS benefits:    
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Updated version of Synapse's report:         Adobe Acrobat     Microsoft Word

Notes from Workshop #2

Waste-to-energy information:   

ISO-New England Generator Information System GIS:

RAP's July 18, 2003 RPS report:      Power Point

Berkeley Lab report, “Using Contingent Valuation to Explore Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy: A Comparison of Collective and Voluntary Payment Vehicles.”

Berkeley Lab report, "Accounting for Fuel Price Risk: Using Forward Natural Gas Prices Instead of Gas Price Forecasts to Compare Renewable to Natural Gas-Fired Generation."  This report, which can also be downloaded at, is a follow-on study to earlier conference papers on fuel price risk, and provides both a more thorough and refined examination of this topic, as well as additional data and analysis.

New York RPS Cost Study

This one is by Scott Hempling and Nancy Rader for NARUC in 2001

This was done for Hawaii. It is a good summary of the RPS in the US at the time, along with a good, simple analysis of how to think about doing an RPS from scratch

Here is a nice map of RPS in the US from LBL

Here is a nice table of RPS from UCS -- more recent than the Hawaii stuff. Note that this has links to state info. Also note that Vermont is identified as considering an RPS.

Here is a page from the North Carolina Solar Center that links to information about the many state RPS and other renewable requirements, such as from settlements

Here is the Mass DOER renewables page, from which one can access a very good cost/benefit and planning study done by La Capra, LBL and Bob Grace.

a trove of great stuff on the NY PSC web site related to their work to develop an RPS.

The report by the National Association of Attorneys General on energy certificates. The reason this document will be useful is to explain what double counting of attributes is and why it is really consumer fraud.

and, of course,

Vermont Public Service Board Home Page