4.201 Requirement

Every company selling electricity at retail shall provide to each customer a listing of the price components of that customer's rate or rates. The listing need not show the actual usage of the customer, but shall identify the customer charge, the rate or rates per KW and KWH, and whatever additional information may be necessary to calculate an actual bill. The price components of electricity provided by the Vermont Department of Public Service shall be identified as such.

4.202 Frequency

The listing shall be sent to each customer on at least the following occasions:

(A) No more than sixty days nor less than fifteen days prior to the start of any peak-season rate period.

(B) As soon as practicable after the company knows that it will put a rate change into effect.

(C) During January of any year when neither of the above events has occurred within the previous twelve months.

Effective: November 27, 1986

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