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Cable Television

Section 8.310 - Tariffs

8.310 Tariffs.

8.311 General provisions.

(A) As provided in 30 V.S.A. 219, all rates and charges by a cable company shall be applied without discrimination between classes of customers.

(B) Nothing herein shall prohibit the following:

  1. the waiving or reduction of rates and charges in conjunction with promotional campaigns for the purpose of attracting subscribers;
  2. the provision of installation or monthly service without charge to schools, government or non-profit organizations or agencies, or buildings operated by such entities;
  3. the provision of service at no charge to employees and agents of the cable system operator;
  4. the provision of service at bulk-discount rates, lower than individual rates, so long as the difference in rates is related and attributable to lower costs of providing such bulk service.
Any of the above discounted rates may be provided, if at all, at the option of the cable system operator.

8.312 Contents of tariff.

(A) Each company shall provide to the Board (in the form of tariffs) a copy of all its current rules, regulations, and rate schedules. To the extent any such rule, regulation, or rate is preempted by federal law, the filing shall be informational only. The information on file shall contain a complete description of the terms and conditions applicable to each level of service or combination of services, and schedules setting forth the information required by the following paragraphs of this section.

(B) Residential subscribers. For each level of service, detail:

  1. number and listing (description and channel) of programmed channels available;
  2. installation charges for first outlet and each additional outlet (including custom installation work and aerial and underground drops);
  3. monthly service charges for first outlet and each additional outlet;
  4. charges for disconnection, reconnection, relocation of outlets;
  5. charges for FM radio service installation and monthly service;
  6. converter installation, monthly rental, and deposit charges (include purchase or lease prices, if applicable).
(C) Other classes of subscribers. Detail special installation, monthly rental, and deposit charges (include purchase or lease prices, if applicable) for:

  1. multiple unit dwellings;
  2. commercial subscribers;
  3. institutional subscribers.
(D) Ancillary services. Detail installation, monthly service, and other rates and charges for any services offered other than residential subscriber and premium services (including, but not limited to, data transmission, alarm services, facsimile, and other similar services).

(E) Leased channels. Detail all charges associated with lease of cable channels, if any are provided.

(F) Production charges. Charges for use of production equipment, facilities, personnel, and materials by:

  1. users of PEG access channels;
  2. other customers of production services.
(G) Premium services rates. All cable companies shall also file current rules, regulations, and rate schedules for premium or pay cable television services available, with installation, monthly service, deposits, parental keylock, and other charges specified for each pay service offered.

(H) Line extension policy. All cable applicants and certificate holders shall file a statement of the company's policy on line extensions for the Board's approval, in conformance with Section 8.313.

(I) Failure of any operator to comply with formal filing procedures with respect to its rules and regulations shall not be the basis for any revocation or denial of recertification.

8.313 Line extension policy. Each such policy must at a minimum conform to the provisions of this section.

(A) If a line extension policy requires contributions in aid of construction, then that policy shall also allow for the rebating or reallocation of such contributions among original and new subscribers, if new subscribers connect to the extension within five years of the activation of the extension. The reallocation shall not be done until the end of the fifth year after activation of the extension; the rebates shall be paid to the subscriber of record at the time of rebate, and shall be paid as a cash rebate unless the subscriber's share is less than $50.

(B) Any line extension policy that shall require contributions in aid of construction shall incorporate what has been known as the "Newfane formula": A = (C / N) * (1 - (N / (H * L))) where A is the dollar contribution from each new customer; C is the actual cost per mile of the line extension; N is the number of verified subscribers on the extension, who will be making the contribution in aid of construction; L is the length of the extension in miles; and H is a number designated by the cable company's tariff. H is the number of dwelling units per mile, counting all the miles proposed on the extension, above which the company will not require a contribution in aid of construction.

(C) The operator shall construct an extension to its existing system in any area of its certificated area where the density of homes passed per mile, including sparsely settled areas passed in order to reach the denser areas, is equal to or exceeds the value set for parameter H in its tariff.

(D) No line extension policy filed in accordance with this section shall specify customer contribution where there are in excess of 25 dwellings per mile. That is, parameter H shall not be set higher than 25 in the company's tariff.

8.314 "Lifeline" service. No service offering of any company may be referred to, by tariff or by company promotion, as "Lifeline" service.

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