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Cable Television

Section 8.330 - Telephone Access

8.330 Telephone Access.

8.331 Hours. Each company shall maintain telephone lines for the receipt of trouble calls, service complaints, and requests for repairs or adjustment. Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, the lines shall be staffed by a customer service representative during the company's normal business hours. This staffing provision shall not apply to any system which employs less than four full time employees. At other times an answering service or answering machine must be provided to receive such calls, provided that messages are checked at least every four hours between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

8.332 Toll-free. Customer calls to customer service representatives must be by way of local, toll-free, or other number which causes no more expense to the customer than would a local call. The company shall list such telephone number on all statements sent to customers.

8.333 Response. Any such call must be connected to a customer service representative within two minutes during normal business hours, except in case of a system emergency.

8.334 Telephone listings. The telephone number of an operator's business office or offices shall be listed in all official telephone directories of all telephone companies serving the franchised area.

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