Proposed Amendments to Rule 3.700

In response to Act 79 passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2007, the Public Service Board has opened a rulemaking proceeding to amend its Rule 3.700. It was the legilature's intent to allow wireless telephone and internet service providers to attach equipment to utility poles; the present amendments are intended to implement that.

Text of proposed Rule 3.700 as proposed to be amended. WordPerfect Adobe
Text of Rule in redline-strikeout format. WordPerfect Adobe

Proposed Rule Cover Sheet
Adopting Page
Economic Impact Statement
Public Input Statement

A Public Hearing was held on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, at 10 AM in the Board's Hearing Room, 3rd Floor, Chittenden Bank Building, 112 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont.

Written comments filed on the proposed amendment.

I convened a workshop on February 5, 2008, to discuss many issues, especially concerning safety.

On March 21 I sent out an amended version (
.doc, .pdf) of the Rule for comments.
Comments were filed electronically by:
The final proposed Rule was filed on May 22, 2008. Here is a redline/strikeout comparison to the original Rule. Also see the explanatory note to LCAR that accompanied the final proposal.

Adopted Rule 3.700, effective 7/14/08, except implementing tariffs need not be in effect until 9/1/08. See section 3.711. Also see the explanatory note to LCAR accepting the pole-owning utilities' proposed change to 3.708(K).

Created on October 16, 2007