Proposed Amendments to Rules 8.213 and 8.313

In response to Act 79 passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2007, the Public Service Board has opened a rulemaking proceeding to amend its Rule 8.313. In addition, the Board has proposed a clarification to Rule 8.213.

The proposed Rules were accepted by ICAR on April 13, 2009; they were accepted by the Secretary of State on April 22, 2009, and assigned Proposed Rule Number 09P025.

Text of proposed Rules 8.213 and 8.313 as proposed to be amended.
Text of Rules in redline-strikeout format.
Proposed Rule Cover Sheet
Adopting Page
Economic Impact Statement
Public Input Statement

A Public Hearing will be held on Thursday, June 4, 2009, at 10 AM in the Board's Hearing Room, 3rd Floor, Chittenden Bank Building, 112 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont.

Written comments on the proposed amendments must be filed by June 19 July 10, 2009.