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Forms - Miscellaneous Taxes

To use the below listed forms and instructions, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9 or higher which is available hereDownload Adobe Acrobat Free

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- Instructions for using fillable forms

Bank Franchise
- BFT-1-1Q - First Quarter
- BFT-1-2Q - Second Quarter
- BFT-1-3Q - Third Quarter
- BFT-1-4Q - Fourth Quarter

Cigarette and Tobacco
- CT-640- Wholesale Cigarette Dealer Report
- CT-5 - Application for Cigarette Wholesale Dealer and/or Tobacco Distributor License
- CT-642 - Cigarette Tax Stamp Order Form
- TO-641 - Wholesale Tobacco Dealer Report
- NPM-1 - ElectronicLic ensed Distributor Report for Non-Participating Manufacturers
- FS-643 - Wholesale Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers Vermont Floor Stock Tax Return
- FS-644 - Retail Cigarette & Tobacco Sellers Vermont Floor Stock Tax Return

Fuel Gross Receipts
- FG-601 - Fuel Gross Receipts Tax Return

Health Care Claims Assessment
- HC-607 - Health Care Claims Tax
- Report Documentation - About the Annual Paid Claims Enrollment Report (APCER) for VHCURES

Aviation Jet Fuel
- Supplemental Form SU-451-AV Aviation Jet Fuel

- IPT-633 Insurance Premium Tax Return and IPT-634 Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward, with instructions
    NOTE: Form IPT-633 replaces Form IP-1

- IP-2 - Captive Insurance Premium Tax Return
- PE-632 - Estimate of Insurance Premium Tax

Malt and Vinous Beverages
- MB-3 - Statement of Malt Beverages Sold to a Vermont Distributor
- MB-605 - Malt Beverage Tax Return
- VB-3 - Statement of Vinous Beverages Sold to a Vermont Distributor
- VB-606 - Vinous Beverage Tax Return

OPTIONAL excel workbooks which may be used to compute gallons of malt and vinous beverage, and to track purchases of inventory and sales to VT distributors, are linked below. Instructions for using these workbooks are on the first worksheet of each workbook.

These workbooks are OPTIONAL, FOR INTERNAL USE OF THE TAXPAYER ONLY. Do NOT attach copies of completed workbooks or worksheets to your official return.

These workbooks should open using Firefox and Chrome browsers.

- Gallons Workbook
- Purchase Inventory Workbook
- Beverage Sold to VT Distributor Workbook

Telephone Tax Returns
- TE-1 - Vermont Telephone Gross Receipts Tax Return
- TP-1 - Vermont Telephone Personal Property Tax Return

- SE-603 - Uniform Capacity Tax on Renewable Energy Plants Commissioned to Generate Solar Power

Waste Franchise
- WF-1- Franchise Tax on Waste Facilities & Commercial Haulers of Solid Waste

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