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Major Vermont Taxes

Property Taxes

The Homestead Education Tax Rate is based in part on the education spending per equalized pupil of all the pupils residing in your town. Many town districts are also members of union school districts. Each town and union school district will have a tax rate based on its spending per pupil. For towns with multiple school districts, the tax rate is a combination of those rates.

Non-Residential Tax Rates:
For tax year 2010 (FY11), the base tax rate for non-residential property is $1.35. It is adjusted by the town's common level of appraisal (CLA).

Non-Residential Tax Rate = Base Rate / CLA

Your town’s CLA is located on the homestead education tax information sheet available on the town-specific homestead detail reports below.

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Property Tax Relief

Current Use Program - Property in active agricultural of forest use may be enrolled in the use value appraisal program. In return for a commitment to keep the property in those uses, it is assessed at its current use value rather than fair market value. 32 V.S.A. Chapter 124. The state reimburses the towns and cities for losses in municipal revenue.

Enrolled property is subject a perpetual lien in favor of the State of Vermont. A land use change tax is levied if enrolled property is “developed.”

E-Mail the Current Use Program Unit

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Tax Types :
- Business Entity Income Tax
- Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
- C Corporation Income Tax
- Estate and Gift Taxes
- Fiduciary Tax
- Franchise Tax
- Fuel Gross Receipts / Petroleum Distributor
- Health Care Claims Tax
- Individual Income Tax
- Land Gains and Real Estate Withholding
- Meals and Rooms Tax
- Motor Vehicle Tax
- Property Tax
- Property Transfer Tax
- Sales and Use Tax

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