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PVR Solar Valuation

With the passage of Act 127 of the 2012 Legislative Session, a new taxation system was established for solar photovoltaic plants that generate electricity.  Beginning in 2013, there is a State education tax as well as a municipal property tax on all solar plants with a name-plate capacity greater than 10 kW that are generating electricity, that have received a CPG from the Public Service Board, and which includes net metered plants.  

The Division of Property Valuation and Review (PVR) has identified an income approach to value model that under most circumstances it recommends that municipalities use in valuing solar facilities.  The valuation model was developed by Sandia National Laboratories to be used specifically for the fair market valuation of solar plants and is available on their website at no charge.  PVR also has developed recommendations on the inputs that can be used within the valuation model and has developed a sample inventory form that can use to collect from owners the necessary data inputs to operate the model.  Finally, PVR has developed detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet that performs the model’s calculations.

Below you will find directions on the location and use of the valuation model as well as a downloadable version of the inventory form along with an example and form instructions:


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